Our Sites

All sites operate on a 24/7 basis with highly trained staff and professional Supervision on hand to meet the demands of the Customers.

Barnsley – strategically placed for all motorway networks, the Head Office offers secondary inspection, labour provision, labelling and repacking facilities.

St Helens – a multi-facetted operation with ‘Duty Suspense’ facilities which allows us to handle alcoholic beverages for the drinks industry together with secondary inspection, labour provision and contract packing services.

Cumbernauld – this facility opened in May 2014 with teams of dedicated staff servicing customers north of the border for secondary inspection, labour provision, contract packing and storage. A Duty Suspense operation was introduced in 2015. The enhanced facility allows for the handling of alcoholic beverages for both Duty Suspense and Duty Paid stock.

Knottingley – where we offer rework and labour provision facilities for two of our clients.

Rotherham– providing bespoke secondary inspection and labour provision operations, for our client.

Barnsley, St Helens and Cumbernauld hold full BSI accreditation.

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