Our people are the backbone and the strength of the Company. During our existence we have developed a reputation as market leaders for the supply of rework services and production line staff, working on both short and long term projects (fully compliant with all Agency Workers’ Regulations).

Every member of the Yorkshire Repak team is employed on a permanent basis and by using continuous proven training techniques, we instil confidence in our clients to use us time and time again, from production line support, specific auditing processes to providing specialist technical support. Often this means improvements in quality, efficiencies and cost benefits.

We are also an accredited R.T.I.T.B training organisation to assist clients with their FLT training and reassessment needs.

Before our skilled teams arrive at our client’s site, the specifications, protocol and timelines of the project are established. Seamlessly working with our client’s production processes and own teams, each item is carefully checked and packaged. As with projects managed at our own site, full traceability is managed through to completion.

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